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Transform your Confluence into a knowledge hub and take your productivity to the next level. Say goodbye to wasted time and resources sifting through unorganized data - our innovative search engine simplifies the process, providing quick and accurate results every time in confluence.

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Supercharge your Confluence Search
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Stop searching,
start finding in Confluence

No more searching in an endless list of lousy search results: AI and linguistics understand your search intent. With powerful filters and advanced search options, results are narrowed down in an intuitive interface and you find what you're searching for in Confluence.

When search flows, efficency growths

Double down your Confluence ROI: delight users with an engaging search experience and skyrocket your adoption rates. The result: less time spent searching, and more time spent acting.

iFinder Confluence Search Screenshot
iFinder Confluence Search Screenshot
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Trust and Security

Experience peace of mind in your daily work with our enterprise search solution that effortlessly scales with your business. Our platform comes equipped with robust security features to ensure that your data remains confidential and secure.

iFinder search for Confluence Cloud is launching soon with cloud hosting and 24/7 availability, ensuring uninterrupted operation for you.

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iFinder Confluence Search  comes with
great features to improve your search expericene

Streamlining Knowledge Discovery to Boost Productivity

"As the knowledge in Confluence grew, users found it increasingly difficult to quickly find the right content via search. Employees spent more and more time searching for relevant information."

Read the full story of how PeopleStrategy is improving Confluence to build a central go-to-system for employees for knowledge and information.

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“The new UI adds a great value to the user, and the search is really helpful for our users. It's pretty fast, and we did not face any issue until now, thanks for the product!”

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“Finally, the enterprise search Confluence needed for years. Our users are more than happy to get a fast, correct & comfortable search solution.”

Atlassian Marketplace Review

iFinder Confluence Search is avaliable for
Cloud, Server and Datacenter

We work on the go to provide you the perfect search experience for Confluence,
no matter where you are.

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