"IntraFind empowers our colleagues to find the information they need faster, which allows them to work more efficiently."

Steven Payne
Chief Technology Officer & Chief Information Security Officer, PeopleStrategy
Steven Payne

Many people believe that enterprise search software is only suitable for large companies. The fact that medium-sized companies can also benefit considerably from intelligent search is demonstrated by the example of the HR service provider PeopleStrategy.

Customer Profile

PeopleStrategy - All-in-one platform for HR, recruiting, benefits and payroll. From intuitive, hire-to-retire HR technology to comprehensive benefits consulting and HR services, PeopleStrategy offers employers a single source for the tools and services necessary to attract, manage and retain talent. PeopleStrategy is based in Edison, New Jersey, USA.

The Challenge

At PeopleStrategy, Confluence serves as the central source of information and is the go-to-system for employees for knowledge and information.

As the knowledge in Confluence grew, users found it increasingly difficult to quickly find the right content via search. Employees spent more and more time searching for relevant information. Often, they end up not finding the information they are looking for. In addition, Confluence is one of the most used and fastest growing systems at PeopleStrategy, which further amplifies the search problem.

The Solution

PeopleStrategy launched the new Confluence search after an in-depth evaluation supported by IntraFind.  

“IntraFind was chosen because it provides enterprise-class search capabilities for a reasonable cost. Thanks to the intuitive search interface and the seamless integration into Confluence, our employees could work productively with it immediately, even without training”, said Steven Payne, Chief Technology Officer & Chief Information Security Officer, PeopleStrategy.

For PeopleStrategy, the capability of IntraFind Confluence Search was a perfect fit – especially the extensibility and the option to add additional applications and data sources into the search. This way, PeopleStrategy also enabled their employees to search multiple key corporate file shares in Confluence, making it easier to find company and contract-related documents.

A key factor for success was that the different departments created individual search profiles. So, each department was able to individually define what information they wanted to search for in which data sources. Which greatly improved user experience to search for relevant data.

We're not finished with the journey and we see many more sources to integrate into the search," says Steven Payne. One of our next goals is to further integrate Fileshares and Atlassian Jira content - making Confluence the central system for our employees to find important information quickly and efficiently.

Conclusion for PeopleStrategy

“PeopleStrategy is a predominantly remote organisation, making it imperative that facilities used for communication be simple to use, responsive and accurate. Sophisticated search capabilities provided by IntraFind increase the value of using Confluence without significantly increasing the cost of delivering the content.”

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