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Learn more about the iFinder Confluence Search features and how they help you find information in Confluence faster.
Robby Holtmann
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Especially when a lot of content is already stored in Confluence, the "search & find" becomes a real challenge. Users then spend a lot of time searching and are often disappointed when they don't get the results they were looking for.
Some exciting apps in the Marketplace already try to support administrators and users in this challenge.

iFinder Confluence Search meets this challenge and delivers outstanding results. The unique feature: optionally, other data sources & applications such as Jira, file shares, cloud services, etc., can also be integrated. This way, a user can get results from Confluence and other sources simultaneously with one search query. Now, Confluence has become a fully integrated knowledge platform.

This is an alternative, powerful search engine for the standard Confluence search (coexist).
iFinder Confluence Search replaces Confluence's search bar with a comprehensive and intelligent search engine application.

iFinder Confluence Search features in a nutshell

Confluence users get a powerful and comprehensive search engine for Confluence, including an intuitive interface with many helpful functions. They will find the content they are looking for much faster in a much more effective manner, leveraging ours Proven Enterprise Search technology:

  • Advanced linguistics analyzers (available in more than 28 languages) ensuring a very precise search results. Users get a highly targeted result list.
  • A simple and highly efficient user interface.
  • Secure search with granular user rights management.
  • Search in more than 600 file types
  • Optional: integrate further applications and data pools like file shares, Jira, additional confluence environment, Microsoft 365, websites, cloud services and many more.

With iFinder Confluence Search, you get a professional search platform that will increase user acceptance for Confluence considerably.

The iFinder search bar

The new iFinder search bar is fully embedded into Confluence. The user search journey starts with an intuitive user interface while typing the first three letters with

  • Auto-complete & autocorrection
  • Synonyms
  • Search while you type & instant search with previews

Full control with an intuitive UI

Dynamic and searchable filters and facets are optimized for Confluence environment. Users get a result list, in which they can immediately see whether it contains the desired information. The preview function lets you jump to the search terms in the retrieved documents, potentially identifying very fast, if it is the document you are looking for.

  • Preview text snippet with highlighting
  • Document preview function with jump marks to highlighted search term
  • PowerPoint preview viewer (smart slide preview)
  • Search tabs
  • Duplicate search
  • Synonym search
  • Additional meta information for each search result like author, date, Confluence space, ….
  • Dynamic filters & facets - adapted to Confluence
  • and many more…

User Dashboard

Save your search! Once you have created your search query and set filters, you can save it to repeat and work on this particular search later on.

Or set favorites in your findings. Your favorites are stored in your personal search dashboard.

Why are the results so much more accurate with iFinder Confluence Search?

You get a more accurate search results list - thanks to linguistic analyzers! A comprehensive understanding of language is one of the core elements of our AI-based enterprise search technology. With its leading linguistic methods, the software also supports special characters as well as units of measurement and umlauts. It recognizes and breaks down compound words and normalizes terms to their basic form. For example, if a user searches for "book", results for "books" or "manuals" are also displayed in the hit list. This linguistic normalization and pre-processing improves search and greatly enhances usability. Confluence users can use the search application for content in all languages. IntraFind provides special language analyzers for many languages such as English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Greek, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and many more.

Read our blog for more information.

For our search experts amongst you:

Of course, if you are a power user, you can work with many search options to set up your search query:

  • All Boolean operators available (AND/OR/NOT/.....)
  • Exact search - case-sensitive search (ATLASSIAN/MAN/IntraFind)
  • Wildcard search (Atlassia*/ticket-34*/File*name.doc)
  • Ext. Wildcard search (Ma?er = only one charakter between)
  • Fuzzy search (mayer~ = meier,mayer, meder, Obermeier)
  • Fuzzy phrase search (“house garden“~10  = finds for example "the house with the wonderful garden")
  • Exact phrase ("iFinder search")
  • and many more....

Available for:

  • ConfluenceData Center
  • ConfluenceServer
  • ConfluenceCloud - Exclusion: The following functions are not currently available for Confluence Cloud >> Connect and integrate other applications and data sources and Document preview function

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